What makes the Kennedy Style Feeder Different?

~ All of our hummingbird feeders and glass art are 100% American made by Americans using as much American made and recycled  material as possible.

~ Our hummingbird feeders are made with borosilicate  glass, most people know it as “Pyrex”, the most durable glass on the market. With proper care and TLC this could be the last feeder you ever have to buy!

~ Our hummingbird feeders are drip-less, eliminating the sugary mess that attracts so many bugs.

~ Our hummingbird feeders are ventilated so your nectar stays fresher longer and you don’t have to clean it as often. 

~ Our hummingbird feeders are filled while hanging,no more step ladder and no more of that sugary mess associated with filling traditional hummingbird feeders.

~ Our hummingbird feeder can be hung around the patio area with no mess, the birds hunt bugs and  pollinate your flowers where you relax outside the most.

~ Our feeders are beautiful functional art and can be linked together creating a hanging sculpture

~Our feeders will hold approx. 1 cup of nectar, they are about  4″X 4″ and 6″ tall 

**Use only as directed, never handle broken glass**