Photo Contest

We have received customer photos from the very first hummingbird feeders we sold. We got so many photos we wanted to do something for all our wonderful customers so we came up with our annual photo contest. All the photos we use with hummingbirds in them are from winners of our annual contest. Winners will be chosen on November 1st ,as long as it is in our email box  by 11:59pm October 31st you are in the contest !

How can you win one ???

~ get a photo of OUR hummingbird feeders in action, MUST have hummingbird in photo!

~ must use homemade nectar WITHOUT any coloring

~ “point and shoot” cameras have won more than once over the years, YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A PRO!

~no watermarks on photo, NO PHOTOSHOP

~ALL photos welcome,NO age limit, make it a family adventure

What exactly will I win if my photo is chosen ?

~In exchange for the use of your photo the winning photographer will receive a hummingbird feeder of your choice, you can choose from any model we sell and you can even pick the colors you want to match your patio.

~ Your photo will be used for our website, storefront and advertising for KGS. You will receive photographic credit wherever your photo is used by us. We will not sell your photo.

~You will be featured on our website and storefront until the next years winners are posted. We can make you a hyperlink to your website if you like.